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"Kristen was very helpful in explaining the law pertaining to my situation. As well, she was always prompt at getting back to me when I did have a question. I was on a tight timeline and she was able to get my agreement drawn up very quickly. Would recommend and use her again. Very nice lady."

— Sept 20, 2018 Shop Orangeville ratings


"Kristen is a very knowledgeable, kind and understanding person. She is a top notch lawyer who will get your concerns dealt with in a timely manner."

— Jan 23, 2019 Facebook reviews


"Kristen is so knowledgeable and so caring. I would recommend her services to anyone who is seeking a lawyer with a heart!"

— Jan 31, 2019 Facebook reviews


“Kristen offers kindness and a wealth of knowledge in family law.”

— Feb 14, 2019 facebook reviews


“Kristen is caring and helpful. She is very knowledgeable without ‘lawyer speak’ for this lay person. Timely, succinct service, all with a smile and understanding that is very calming to an anxious client. Very grateful.”

— March 1, 2019 Facebook reviews


“Kristen is very articulate, kind, open and knows the law. She knows how to deal with family law in a sensitive nature and she is available to her clients.”

— March 8, 2019 facebook reviews


“Navigating the field of family law is a daunting task for everyday people, its stressful, confusing and complex. Kristen is such a kind and calming lawyer to help navigate this situation. I’m so thankful I hired her to help me, I felt heard, valued and respected. Communication was top notch, appointments worked with my schedule and were prompt. My case was done and settled in a professional and efficient manner. Thank you!!”

— April 12, 2019 Website reviews


“Highly recommend! Couldn’t have asked for better while navigating the family law system. Kristen is kind and caring, straight forward, honest and efficient.”

— April 12, 2019 Facebook reviews


“Kristen is a top notch litigator, mediator and problem solver. I would highly recommend her.”

— June 25, 2019 Google reviews

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